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Thermal Camera Solutions

Ensure the safety of your employees and customers with thermographic screening solutions for busineses and organisations in the Oxford and London Area.
We are helping businesses and public sector organisations mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with a range of thermographic screening solutions. These solutions can quickly and easily identify individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of COVID-19.

We can support with solutions across all verticals, ranging from healthcare , identifying potential COV-19 sufferers as they enter the hospital to business headquarters preparing for the return of large numbers of employees to their offices in order to protect employees and visitors .  We want to help protect the nation and support the country gettingt back to work by being able to isolate any individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus in crowded venues whether it's public spaces or retail stores.

Our solutions can provide a range of options, fixed or mobile to support a wide variety of deployment scenarios.



Applicable to all solutions

  • All fixed solutions have the option of a fixed calibrator which improves the accuracy from 0.5 - 0.3 degrees C
  • Unless otherwise specified delivery is to the UK mainland only.
  • Support includes next business day response, 9-5 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays (further options are available)

 Advance Vision Systems, Unit 1, Station Lane, Witney, Oxford, OX28 4XZ                        Tel: 01993 706928


Hospital, GP surgeries, clinical manufacturers and providers

Central Government

Government buildings, Customs and Border Control, job centres, prisons and law courts

Local Government

Local government buildings and libraries

National Security and Defence

Secure government buildings


Police stations (reception, custody suites) and mobile


Schools, Colleges and Universities

Travel, Transport and Logistics
Airports and airlines, rail, bus and coach stations, ferry ports and distribution centres


Supermarkets, department stores, shopping centres, small and medium sized shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Offices and high street banks


Factories, manufacturers and logistics

Energy & Utilities


Headquarters, gym and leisure facilities, construction sites, hotels, hospitality, receptions and concierge, security, stadiums, theatres, cinemas, sporting and concert venues


Hand Held Thermal Camera

Single Thermal Camera - Mobile Tripod or Fixed


Thermal Camera - Networked Solution

Door Screening Metal Detector


 Advance Vision Systems, Unit 1, Station Lane, Witney, Oxford, OX28 4XZ                        Tel: 01993 706928


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